Nature Trips with Janice Thi Tran

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Get to know the Vietnamese-American creative who loves to soak up the sun.

Are you a sunrise or sunset kind of person?

I love sunsets, especially the way the water glistens and reflects in the water.

What’s your favorite daytime activity?

Surfing followed by having acai bowls by the beach.

You can only bring 5 things in your bag. What are they?

Contax T2 & film, Sunnies Face High Gloss, Sunnies Studios sunglasses, hand sanitizer, and

How often do you hydrate a day/What’s your daily hydration level?

I make sure to stay well-hydrated throughout the day especially when I am being active! On average, I drink about 10 glasses a day!

What’s your favorite beach or poolside snack?

Papaya with a squeeze of lime on top is the perfect snack to stay hydrated and cool down.

⁠The current song you’re listening to for instantly good vibes?

Real by Lily Kincade

⁠What’s a no fail/underrated color combo you recommend?

Orange, pink, and yellow. For me, this color combo captures the essence of my favorite sunsets and the beautiful transition between day and night. It's a reminder that the sun will rise again tomorrow.

⁠A color you’re loving this season?

Papaya orange

Where are you heading to next for a vacay? 

Probably back to Hawaii for surf!

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