Frame Size Guide

We make eyewear in all shapes and sizes. That means when you shop with us, you'll find glasses that suit your personality and glasses designed to fit you comfortably. It's all part of the experience of finding the right pair.

But while choosing the style is totally up to you, you may need a little guidance on how to find a well-fitting frame. We're here to help.

How to find the right size

The easiest way to figure out your frame size is to hold up an ID-sized card against your face. Follow these steps below so you can determine whether you need a Narrow, Regular, or Wide frame.​

Step 1

Look in front of a mirror or use the front-facing camera of your phone.​

Step 2

Take an ID or credit card and vertically place one edge of the card at the center of your nose.

Step 3

Determine where the other side of the card ends and identify your frame size in the diagram below.

Choose Narrow frame if your card extends the edge of your eye

Choose Regular frame if your card ends at the edge of your eye

Choose Wide frame if your card doesn’t reach the end of your eye