The Sunny Side with Tanawat Seethiang

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Get to know the Sydney-based designer, and how he spends time with his partner Jackie Pettitt, and their son, Sunny.

What’s your favorite outdoor sunday activity with the family?​

Picnic at the park to watch the local rugby game. Sunny loves watching sport at the moment and his favorite would be rugby.

How about when you’re indoors?

We love the kids cafes here, kids can play while the parents watch and drink coffee.

Collectively, how would you describe your family’s style?​

We are influenced by vintage workwear and Americana denim culture. Our wardrobes are full of pieces we want to keep and re-wear for years.

How and why did you decide to name your son Sunny?​

The name crossed my mind because of the song Just Friends (Sunny) by Musiq Soulchild. We both loved the name and when the sun comes out everyone is happy and he definitely brings that happy sunny energy. 

What’s the most sunny thing about Sunny?​

His energy and sense of humor, we are joking and having fun everyday with him.

What’s the song you put on full blast on a road trip?​

Now it’s whatever Sunny wants to listen to so it would probably any song from the Moana soundtrack.

What’s your favorite camping memory?

Our most recent camping trip! I wheeled Sunny in a wheelbarrow to go collect firewood for the campfire and it was the highlight of his trip.

Where is your family heading to next?

It’s not booked yet but we really want to go back to Thailand! I’m Thai and would love to take Sunny to see his grandparents.

What’s a lesson you want Sunny to remember for life?

Don’t take things for granted and be grateful for all the small thing.

And last, what’s your favorite thing about the Sunnies Flask?

The unique shape and color combos you can make.

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