Our Responsibility

All retail and manufacturing has a significant impact on our planet. We recognize our part in this impact, and we are holding ourselves accountable — we understand that we are always a work in progress

Our Product

We've pledged to utilize reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable materials where we can.

By introducing biodegradable acetate, plant-based plastic, and recycled polyester into the making of our eyewear, we can gradually phase out the use of virgin plastic.

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Our People

We know that we have a responsibility to every member of the Sunnies Team. We've overhauled our systems and put policies in place that ensure each member feels heard, valued, and cared for.

Today, we have increased health coverage, maternity assistance, an additional week of paid bereavement leave, and financial assistance in the event that they lose a loved one. We also strongly believe in our civic duty and responsibilities to our country, so we have added paid time off for voting-related activities​​.​

What’s Next

We are putting responsibility at the forefront of our brands and we have committed to making bolder, more radical decisions aimed towards a responsible approach to our products, planet, and people

We're making real changes — this is just the beginning.