Progressive lenses are seamless multifocal lenses that allow you to see clearly and transition from near to far and vice versa.

Think of it as an all-in-one lens with multiple prescriptions so you don’t have to switch between eyeglasses.

If you think you need Progressive glasses, we recommend speaking to our optometrists in-store or through Sunnies Home Optical.


See clearly from all distances with one frame

Your prescription seamlessly changes from the top of the lens and increases as you move towards the bottom. ​

The top part is made for seeing things from a distance while the bottom part is for when you need to focus on things up close. In between these two prescriptions is an area most useful for seeing clearly from an intermediate distance.

What frames are ideal for these lenses?

Frames that work best for multifocal lenses are just the right size to avoid blurry lines, lightweight for comfort, and crafted with durable materials to last for a long time.​

​We’ve designed our Progressives collection specifically with these in mind, you’ll never want to switch or put them down.​

​Browse and virtually try on the Progressives collection.



Prevent switching of glasses to be able to adapt easily. It may take up to 4 days or more to adjust for first time progressive lens users.

Practice using it in familiar place (i.e. in your home or at work) until you are able to gauge the limits of the lenses.

Incorporate more head movement and less eye movement when using your new lenses.

Make sure to tilt your head down when going up or down the stairs or going in the car. Everything you at the bottom part of the lens makes it look closer.

The sides of the lenses do not have your prescription grade. Blending of distance, intermediate and near grades are found at the sides of the lens.

Wear the glasses like how it was fitted and marked by your doctor.

Progressives are best tried with the presence of your optometrist. If you need further assistance, feel free to drop by at any Sunnies Studios store.